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The Clash Of The Carolinas is a cornhole tournament being run by ACL PRO Duncan Clemmer and Chad Norton in Camden, S.C. May 17th through May 19th. Friday night features the Big Blind Draw, Saturday a BYOP event and Sunday Singles. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the bags will help raise money for the event. The bags are being made to support the event and are not "for" the event. Bags will not be shipped and ready for the event.




HANDLE CASHMERE with CARE if you genuinely LOVE them.  We have personally tested these bags for almost 2 years and the first set made are still in great shape after thousands of down and backs and a simple handwash. If they come apart or don't last it will be from abuse or the use of unapproved products.  Just like your CASHMERE sweater ... the CASHMERE should be treated with extra special care.


The only WARRANTY that comes with these bags will be on our stitching. NO WARRANTY on the fabric as each set will be fully inspected by Viv herself and will come with special CASHMERE CARE instructions.  


Suggested Break In Method: THROW your CASHMERE CATS

Do NOT use high heat or chemicals to clean them. Spot Clean or hand wash in COOL water if needed. 


Thank you for providing a loving home for our CASHMERE.

We appreciate your support!







Cashmere Panther Tat - Clash of the Carolinas Strawberry 🍓 Citrus

  • This is the bag that put Viv's husband on the PODIUM ... the CASHMERE G.O.A.T is looking for a hard/hyper thrower that needs to be tamed. The special HCF (Hyper Control Fabric) on the slow side of this bag is approximately a 3/4 speed allowing you to place a perfect block. This GOAT likes to stay on the board or hop into the hole with the same fast side as our CAT 3 you can push or easily sneak your GOAT in the hole.

    You can finesse the fast side of the CASHMERE but the slow side performs best with a flat, hard throw and a nice spin.

    Let's G.O.O.O.A.T!!!

  • Slow side: 3/4

    Fast side: 9


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