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  • The CAT 3 Mongoose is the bag that put Cornhole Scenario on the map. The CAT 3 Mongoose represents a ruthless bloodthirst that can only be satisfied with one thing, four-baggers. With speeds of 7 and 9, this is one of the most hole-friendly bags on the market. They feel so good in your hands; you won’t ever want to throw them. On the slow side, with touch, a blocker can be placed. If your more aggressive, it slides straight to the hole without a kick. The fast side can slip into the smallest opening and making the hole it’s home. A finesse player can use this bag in all but the most humid conditions. For a power player, the CAT 3 is an excellent humidity bag. CAT 3 is the benchmark Cornhole Scenario model; everyone needs a set!

  • Slow side: 7

    Fast side: 9


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