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The Clash Of The Carolinas is a cornhole tournament being run by ACL PRO Duncan Clemmer and Chad Norton in Camden, S.C. May 17th through May 19th. Friday night features the Big Blind Draw, Saturday a BYOP event and Sunday Singles. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the bags will help raise money for the event. The bags are being made to support the event and are not "for" the event. Bags will not be shipped and ready for the event.


Straight from the HOV and closed by Viv herself. WE DO NOT Guarantee the Fabric on any of our Herringbone bags. Soaking in liquids or use of fabric relaxing or fabric altering products will compromise the integrity of the bag and weaken the fabric.

THROW your herringbone bags to break them in. This is the only approved method of break in and gentle use.


We will not replace torn or ripped bags and DO NOT SELL INDIVIDUAL BAGS. If you rip or tear the fabric you will need to purchase a full set replacement to use as spares.


The CATWALK is a delicate bag so please do not throw on rough surfaces, concrete or asphalt. The herringbone slow side is the latest Hyper Control Hybrid Fabric (HCHF) added to our CAT bag lineup. Get ready to slither into the hole with these sneaky little kitty cats. As many of you know this fabric is a smooth glider with great ability to roll and cut its way to the hole! Since this fabric wasn’t intended for cornhole and only has a durability rating of 15k double rubs we have applied an extra backing to the herringbone to help give it more strength.


Do NOT wash or soak this bag in liquid or products. Wipe spots with a damp cloth as needed. We highly discourage repeated “spinning” on your finger as it CAN produce too much pressure in one specific spot which can cause premature wear and tear and eventually rip or break down the fabric. Bags will not be exchanged or refunded if you wear a hole in them or tear the fabric.


Each design we offer is subject to subtle color variations and design elements. At times the sew line will go through the United We Throw copy on the back of the bag near the closing seam. We try our best to make sure this doesn't happen and if does happen, the bag is not exchangeable. This won't affect the play of the bag.


On occasion you may find a white spot or thin white line on your bags that did not get subbed. This is due to a small piece of thread, fiber or fuzz that was on the fabric during subbing and not visible to us. When it falls off later after shipping you can dab it with a matching permanent marker or fabric pen to fill in the spot. This will not affect performance and bags will not be exchanged or returned for this reason.


We back up our stitching and quality of workmanship but this does not include the fabric so please handle with care. THROWING is the only recommended break in method. Any other methods are at your own risk and void any warranty or exchanges.All of our bag series should be thrown on smooth surfaces only so please check all surfaces before throwing. Rough surfaces may cause pulls or snags in the fabric and will not be covered under warranty.


CATWALK - Clash of the Carolinas 🍊 Citrus🍋‍🟩 LIme

  • Slow side: 5-6

    Fast side: 8-9

  • If you love our COPYCAT but miss the buttery smooth fast side of our beloved CAT 3 it’s time to do your own CATWALK. The CATWALK features our slithery smooth Cat 3 fast side (Estimated Speeds 8.5-9) that makes this exremely hole friendly and easy to push through blocks. On the flip side our Hybrid Hyper Control Herringbone ( Estimated Speeds 5-6) makes this bag easy to cut, roll, flop or block. Enjoy the vesatility of the CATWALK the newest creation from Cornhole Scenario.


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