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"What's on the slow side you ask?"  Our HCF (Hyper Control Fabric) Meow!

Each design we offer is subject to subtle color variations and design elements. On occasion you may find a white spot or thin white line on your bags that did not get subbed. This is due to a small piece of thread, fiber or fuzz that was on the fabric during subbing and not visible to us. When it falls off later after shipping, throwing or washing you can dab it with a matching permanent marker or fabric pen to fill in the spot. This will not affect performance and bags will not be exchanged or returned for this reason.We back up our stitching and quality of workmanship but this does not include the fabric so please handle with care and follow our cleaning instructions etc.Hand wash in cool water and air dry is the only cleaning method we recommend on all of our bags. Ok to use a tiny bit of Tide or Dawn Dish Spray to spot clean. Any other methods are at your own risk and void any warranty or exchanges.All of our bag series should be thrown on smooth surfaces only so please check all surfaces before throwing. Rough surfaces may cause pulls or snags in the fabric and will not be covered under warranty.


Thank you for your purchase .. Let's gooooo!




SIAMESE - Aqua and CS Pink

  • Slow side: 6/7

    Fast side: 9/10

  • The Siamese is the newest creation by Cornhole Scenario. The slow side is a new hyper control fabric with a 6-7 speed and the fast side is a 9-10 speed. Get ready to drip into the hole with this very hole friendly combination. This fabric still gives you the ability to cut and roll over the competition or slither into the hole for the Win. Meow!


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